Witold Mackiewicz

Nietzscheanische Fäden im Denken von Leszek Kołakowski
[Nietzschean Threads in the Leszek Kołakowski’s Thought]

08 - 2003, pages 183–206
Date of online publication: 15 June 2015
Date of publication: 01 November 2003


In this paper, the author shows the similarities between Kolakowski and Nietzsche in respect of certain aspects of their philosophies. The first issue concerns the method of philosophizing, which is, particularly in Kolakowski’s case, that of jocularity, mockery and irony. This way of thinking is meant as a response to the absurdity of existence and the lack of any possibilities for constructing positive philosophical theories about human beings and, especially, about their self-fulfillment. The second issue deals with anthropocentrism and subjectivism, as consequences of the widely accepted notion that man has no access to objective realty. The article also deals with ideas concerning change in Kolakowski’s philosophical thought – ones that run close to those of Nietzsche.


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Mackiewicz, Witold. “Nietzscheanische Fäden im Denken von Leszek Kołakowski.” Forum Philosophicum 8 (2004): 183–206. doi:10.5840/forphil2003819.