Forthcoming Issues

Forum Philosophicum accepts now submissions for a special issue entitled "The Philosophical Turn Towards Religion" (25/1), and to the general issue (25/2), both planned to be published in 2020.

Several articles have been accepted and are currently at various stages of corrections and editorial work:

23/2 Mimetic Wisdom: René Girard and the Task of Christian Philosophy:

Emanuele Antonelli
Mimesis and Attention

Anthony W. Bartlett
Theology and Catastrophe

Eric Gans
René Girard and Deferral of Violence

Maria Korusiewicz
Circles of failure, Strategies of Hope

Charles Mabee
On Mimesis, Folkways and Impossibility of Christianity

Bernard Perret
René Girard and the Epistemology of Revelation 

John Ranieri
How Girard Helped Me Understand the Distinction between Nature and Grace

Thomas Ryba
The Fall of Satan, Rational Psychology, and the Division of Consciousness

Stefano Tomelerri
The Scapegoat, Evangelical Revelation and Resentment


24/1 Thinking with René Girard:

Andrew O'Shea
Searching for Girard: Memory, Mimesis and the Structure of Desire

Pierpaolo Antonello 
Sacrificing Homo Sacer: René Girard reads Giorgio Agamben

Mathias Moosbrugger
Historian in Disguise On Derrida, Durkheim and the Intellectual Ambition of René Girard

Colby Dickinson
Polarized readings of René Girard: Utilizing Girardian thought to break a theological and philosophical impasse


24/2 Humanity Enhanced, Transformed, Abolished: Christian Anthropology Encounters the Transhumanist Hope of Artificial Intelligence:

Anna Bugajska
Will Postmortal Catholics Have “The Right to Die”? The Transhumanist and Catholic Perspectives on Death and Immortality

Inti Yanes-Fernandez 
David I. Dubrovsky and Merab Mamardashvili: The Second Fall of Adam and Triumph of the Transhuman Leviathan

Paul Dumouchel
Intelligence, Artificial and otherwise
Roberto Paura
Homo or homunculus? Transhumanist and Christian eschatology in comparison
Christopher Wojtulewicz & Graham McAleer
Why Technoscience Cannot Reproduce Human Desire According to Lacanian Thomism
25/1 The Philosophical Turn Towards Religion – special issue after the conference "Engaging the Contemporary 2019: The Philosophical Turn Towards Religion" organiased by Univeristy of Malta on Noveember 7–8, 2019.
25/2 General issue:
Ewa Bogatyńska-Kucharska
The Doctrine of Double Effect: Comparison between Thomas Aquinas’ and Contemporary Versions formulated by Joseph Mangan and Joseph Boyle
Piotr Szałek
Berkeley, Expressivism, and Pragmatism