Forthcoming Issues

Forum Philosophicum accepts now submissions for two thematic issues and two general issues (2018 23/1, 2019 24/2), all to be printed in 2019. The thematic issues are:

  • An issue devoted to the philosophy of René Girard; (2018 23/2)
  • An issue devoted to problems of Transhumanism and artificial intelligence (2019 24/1).

Several articles have been accepted and are currently at various stages of corrections and editorial work:

Anna Bogatyńska-Kucharska
The Doctrine of Double Effect: Comparison between Thomas Aquinas and Contemporary Versions Formulated by Joseph Mangan and Joseph Boyle

Piotr Szałek
Early Modern Origins of Pragmatism

Mariusz Tabaczek
Can we Give God a Name? Thomas Aquinas’ and Karl Barth’s Teaching on Analogy

Anthony Chuwkuebuka Ohaekwusi
Bauman’s Moral Blindness: Analysing the Liquidity in Standards of Moral Valuation