Review Process

Information note
Date of online publication: 17 November 2015

1The review process for papers submitted to Forum Philosophicum adheres to the following guidelines:

  1. A paper, submitted to the Editor, may be returned to the author if it does not meet the criteria described in the section Submissions, or if it does not discuss a topic within a subject-area of interest to Forum Philosophicum.

  2. Each paper will be sent to two reviewers for blind review. At least one of the reviewers must be affiliated in a different country than the author.

  3. Members of the Board, including the Editor, are not allowed to write reviews. No specialist who is known to be related to the author or who may reasonably be thought to have collaborated with the author or supervised his/her work is eligible as a reviewer.

  4. Reviewers are explicitly asked to focus on the research and philosophical merits of a paper; they are told that any linguistic and/or technical deficiencies pertaining to an otherwise good paper may be dealt with separately by the editors.

  5. The reviewers are asked to conclude their review with a clear opinion, stating that a paper is (a) publishable without revisions, or (b) may be published after minor revisions have been introduced, or (c) may be resubmitted after major revision, or (d) should not be considered for publication at all.

  6. The final decision concerning which of the papers that have obtained at least one positive review are to be published is taken by the Editor-in-Chief, in consultation with the Editorial Board.

2The names and affiliations of all reviewers are published annually in the Autumn issue and at the website of the journal.