Books Received

Information note
Date of online publication: 02 January 2024

1Publishers wishing their book to be reviewed in Forum Philosophicum are kindly asked to send a copy of the book to the Editors. This copy will be offered to potential reviewers.

2We appreciate the authors and publishers, who sent us books to be reviewed. Currently the following books are being reviewed on our behalf:

  • Bernard McGinn. Modern Mystics: An Introduction (Herder & Herder, 2023)

  • Daniel Spencer. Forsaking the Fall. Original Sin and the Possibility of a Nonlapsarian Christianity (Routledge, 2023)

  • Gonzales, Philip J. P. Reimagining the Analogia Entis: The Future of Erich Przywara's Christian Vision, 2019)

  • Andrew T. J. Kaethler and Sotiris Mitralexis (eds), Between Being and Time: From Ontology to Eschatology (Fortress Academic, 2019)

  • Polish Christian philosophy in the 20th century, Kraków: Ignatianum University Press (2020 series):

    • Volume I. Mieczysław Gogacz

    • Volume II. Stanisław Kamiński

    • Volume III. Kazimierz Kloskowski

    • Volume VII. Piotr Lenartowicz

    • Volume VIII. Tadeusz Styczeń

    • Volume IX. Tadeusz Ślipko

    • Volume XI. Karol Wojtyła

    • Volume XII. Jacek Woroniecki

    • Volume XIII. Zofia Józefa Zdybicka