Books Reviews

Information note
Date of online publication: 01 April 2019

1Publishers wishing their book to be reviewed in Forum Philosophicum are kindly asked to send a copy of the book to the Editors. This copy will be offered to potential reviewers.

2We appreciate the authors and publishers, who sent us books to be reviewed. Currently the following books await for the review:

3Czerniawski, Krzysztof. Trzy wersje epistemicznej teorii prawdy. Dummett, Putnam, Wright. Warszawa: Ośrodek Badań Filozoficznych, 2014.

4Warzoszczak, Piotr. Fikcjonalizm modalny. Warszawa: Ośrodek Badań Filozoficznych, 2014.

5Alabort, Gonzalo Albero, ed., Logos y Vida. Homenaje al Profesor D. José Garrido Zaragozá, Valencia: Facultad de Teología San Vincente Ferrer, 2015.