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Date of online publication: 12 November 2015


Akademia Ignatianum
Zofijówka, pok. 6
ul. Kopernika 26
31-501 Kraków, Poland

[The Jesuit University Ignatianum at Kraków]
[Edtions Dept]

1tel. 12 39 99 620
fax 12 39 99 501

Reference version

2Forum Philosophicum was established as a traditional print-based journal. The paper version remains its basic form, on which is based its online version, accessible through this website at two subscription providers: the Philosophy Documentation Center (all issues) and EBSCO Academic Search Complete electronic database (since vol. 6, 2001). The main electronic distribution form is the PDF files available through these databases, which are either scanned from, or used to print, the paper version. Some more recent papers and editorial notes are available also in an html version.

3References should be made to the pages of either the paper version or the PDF files representing the printed version.


41426-1898 (paper)

52353-7043 (online)

Circulation of paper version

6350 copies

Library exchange program

7Forum Philosophicum has established a library exchange program with almost 200 libraries all over the world.