Mission Statement

Information note
Date of online publication: 15 February 2019

1Forum Philosophicum is a scholarly journal that seeks new insights into philosophical discussions concerning the relationship between philosophy and faith. The tradition we are rooted in is that of Christian philosophy, understood as the independent exercise of reason in the context of the faith. However, we also welcome proposals that grow from the concerns important to philosophers shaped by other religious traditions, in particular those of Jewish or Muslim heritage. We seek articles that are able to engage in critical debate with evolving views on rationality and its relationship to the irrational, the indeterminate, and the non-binary, and look forward to receiving analyses that discuss the place of faith and the rationality of faith in such contexts. We encourage discussions of human nature and spirituality that seek to address the proposals of neuroscience and confront the declarations of posthumanists, as well as inquiries into that mode of philosophizing which, while resting on the hermeneutics of culture, gives special emphasis to the hermeneutics of sacred texts. We would like to distinguish our journal through a specific approach, rather than through the specificity of the subjects we are prepared to see raised in it: an approach that allows faith to shape, enlighten, and strengthen our rationality itself. In this way, we want to offer a true Forum for the community of philosophers who view their faith as a source of inspiration, especially when seeking to face up to the new and challenging forms being given to the age-old problems of philosophy.