12/2 - Fall 2007

The papers in the issue: Mark Sultana, “Bridging the Gulf between Wittgenstein's Works: A Matter of Showing”; Tim Thornton, “An Aesthetic Grounding for the Role of Concepts in Experience in Kant, Wittgenstein and Mcdowell”; Giorgio Lando, “Tractarian Ontology: Mereology or Set Theory?”; Robert Janusz, “Ontology in Astronomy”; Tadeusz Gadacz, “The Problem of Evil in Józef Tischner's Philosophy”; Anna-Karin Andersson, “The Positive and Negative Rights of Pre-Natal Organisms and Infants/Children in Virtue of Their Potentiality for Autonomous Agency”; Julia Tanner, “Intrinsic Value and the Argument from Regress”; Roman Darowski, “Philosophy of the Jesuits in Lithuania since the 16th until the 18th Century”; Piotr Aszyk, “Reception of some Aspects of the Hippocratic Medical Ethics in Antiquity”; Luke Fischer, “Derrida and Husserl on Time”; Mauro Murzi, “A Defence of Pluralism in the Debate about Natural Kinds: Case Study from the Classification of Celestial Objects”; Piotr Sikora, “Putnamian Constraints on Pluralistic Theology of Religions”; Jarosław Paszyński, “Weisheit als Wissenschaft über Gott nach Thomas von Aquin”; Fedor Stanjevskiy, “Une anthropologie à la base d'une pensée religieuse: l'unité de l'homme dans la théologie de Maxime le Confesseur”; Michal Chabada, “Les aspects philosophiques de la théologie selon Jean Duns Scot: de la science à la pratique”.