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Putnamian Constraints on Pluralistic Theology of Religions

12/2 - Fall 2007, pages 379-392
Date of online publication: 15 November 2007
Date of publication: 01 November 2007


There are many arguments that so-called pluralistic theologies of religions face difficulties in being sufficiently pluralistic. In order to meet such an objection, a pluralist offers different solutions. I argue that the range of plausible possibilities for a pluralist is strongly constrained by philosophical arguments which one can develop out of the philosophy of Hilary Putnam. In the first part of this paper, I sketch out three important strands of the Putnamian thought I consider worth defending. Given such presuppositions, I formulate two constraints on pluralistic theology of religions. In the last section of my paper, I briefly point out which of the particular standpoints, often labelled as “pluralistic theology of religions,” have problems with meeting formulated constraints, and which of the “pluralists” seem to be in accordance with them.


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Sikora, Piotr. “Putnamian Constraints on Pluralistic Theology of Religions.” Forum Philosophicum 12, no. 2 (2007): 379–92. doi:10.35765/forphil.2007.1202.28.


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