26/1 – Spring 2021
Christian Philosophy: Its Past, Present and Future


The issue includes the papers presented on the international conference Christian Philosophy: Its Past, Present and Future, organised by the Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow on 22–23 September 2020. Almost all the talks and discussions, which were presented during the conference, are available on YouTube (see the website for more information: http://christianphilosophy.ignatianum.edu.pl).

In this issue the readers may find papers on relation between philosophy, theology and science (Ted PetersMichał Chaberek), on Gilson's concept of Christian Philosophy (James Capehart), on relation between phenomenology and theology (Anna Varga-Jani), on the concept of apokatastasis (Wojciech Szczerba), and some investigations into philosophy of mind (Jean Gové), and into Epicurean ethics (Alex R Gillham). Christopher Tollefsen and Brendan Sweetman reviewed two books from the series on Polish Christian Philosophy: one dedicated to Tadeusz Ślipko, the other to Piotr Lenartowicz.

We are also pleased to inform that this year we celebrate 25 years of Forum Philosophicum—our journal for the last quarter century gathered many philosophers from all over the world, all concerned with developing philosophy in the context of faith.