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Józef Bremer, Damian Leszczyński, Stanisław Łucarz, Jolanta Koszteyn, ed. Piotr Lenartowicz
The Polish Christian Philosophy in the 20th Century

26/1 – Spring 2021, pages 169-171
Date of online publication: 30 June 2021
Date of publication: 30 June 2021


Part of a series of books devoted to Polish Christian Philosophy in the twen- tieth century, this latest study introduces the life and work of Piotr Lenar- towicz (1934–2012). Lenartowicz, a member of the Jesuit order, held several professional positions, but spent most of his career at the Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow. Approaching philosophy from an Aristotelian- Thomistic perspective, his interests ranged over the philosophy of animate nature (known as the philosophy of biology in the English speaking world), the theory of evolution (especially topics relating to paleoanthropology and the origin of man, the nature of life and of the life-cycle), topics in the philosophy of science, and epistemological issues, especially concerning the nature of human cognition. The book contains chapters covering Lenarto- wicz’s biography, the milieu in which he worked, his general approach to philosophy, and more detailed discussion of the main theoretical problems in which he was interested, as well as about his influence. The second half of the work reprints three of the Jesuit philosopher’s most important papers relating to the phenomenon of life, fossil hominids, and a critique of the anti-realist understanding of the philosophy of science in the work of Paul Feyerabend, all from the perspective of an Aristotelian realist approach.

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