23/1 - Spring 2018

A variety of subjects are raised in the articles published in the Spring 2018 issue of Forum Philosophicum. Alberto Leoopoldo Batista Neto ("Religous Presuppositions of Logic and Rationality. An Enquiry") offers a synthetic overview of the relation between rationality and religous, especially Christian, heritage. Francis Jonbäck ("Why Skeptical Theists are Not Involved in a Scenario of Olly-Style Deception") formulates a counterargument to Stephen Law's argument against Skeptical Theism. Anthony Chuwkuebuka Ohaekwusi ("Bauman on Moral Blindess: Analyzing the Liquidity in Standards of Moral Valuation") examines Bauman's concept of liquidity and sheds some light on it from philosophical and ethical perspective. Mariusz Tabaczek ("A Trace of Similarity within Even Greater Dissimilarity Thomistic Foundations off Erich Przywara's Teaching on Analogy") considers Przywara's analogia entis and compares it to the thomistic teaching on analogy.