Stanisław Ziemiański

Kilka uwag w związku z Refleksjami Jolanty KoszteynSome Comments on Jolanta Koszteyn’s Reflections

09 - 2004, pages 107–110
Date of online publication: 15 June 2015
Date of publication: 01 November 2004


This paper considers the discussion between S. Ziemiański and J. Koszteyn on the nature and beginning of the human soul. At the heart of the debate is the concept of personality. While Ziemiański accepts the Boethian definition Rationalis naturae individual substantia, Koszteyn suggests a more convenient and, in her opinion, psychological one, with an emphasis on both innate and acquired individual characteristics.


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Ziemiański, Stanisław. Kilka uwag w związku z Refleksjami Jolanty Koszteyn.” Forum Philosophicum 9 (2004): 107–110. doi:10.5840/forphil2004912.