Bogdan Lisiak

Alchemia Adama Kochańskiego S.J.
[The Alchemy of Adam Kochański S.J.]

09 - 2004, pages 217–232
Date of online publication: 15 juin 2015
Date of publication: 01 novembre 2004


This paper discusses the issue of alchemy in the scientific activity of the Polish Jesuit Adam A. Kochański. He was an unusual scholar in Polish science of the 17th century – an excellent mathematician, with one of his greatest achievements in this field being the solution of the famous squaring of the circle. An interesting part of Kochański’s activity was his correspondence with many scholars, mathematicians and philosophers, e.g. with Leibniz. One of the areas he studied was alchemy. He was interested in medical alchemy and was looking for any possibilities to create new kinds of medicine. In one of his letters to Leibniz, he wrote that his interest in alchemy only had the medical aim of producing efficacious medical treatments for all human illnesses. In this sense he was not a typical alchemist, but an explorer, who saw in alchemical knowledge and activity a way to develop a form of science that would be able to help us to know the world and relieve mankind’s diseases.


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