Hans-Dieter Mutschler

Kann ‘Form’ durch ‘Information’ ersetzt werden?
[Can ‘Form’ be Replaced by ‘Information’?]

09 - 2004, pages 25–42
Date of online publication: 15 June 2015
Date of publication: 01 November 2004


The concept of 'information' is viewed by some authors as a successor to the notion of 'form' employed to connect up the experience of nature with both natural and revealed theology. However, it seems that the notion of 'experience' is not uniform today, because it is used quite differently, and even sometimes inconsistently, in the fields of engineering, physics, biology, cognitive science and philosophy. Here it will be shown that the concept of 'information' is neither a fundamental ontological determination of something’s being expressed (Weizsäcker), nor that it is ontologically irrelevant where technical and practical matters are concerned (Janich). It belongs instead to a 'regional ontology', thus challenging both scientism and materialism.


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Mutschler, Hans-Dieter. Kann ‘Form’ durch ‘Information’ ersetzt werden?Forum Philosophicum 9 (2004): 25–42. doi:10.5840/forphil200493.