Stanisław KowalczykCorresponding author and Jan KłosCorresponding author

Stanisław Kowalczyk. Elementy filozofii i teologii sportu [The elements of philosophy and theology of sport]

8 - 2003, pages 293-294
Date of online publication: 22 September 2016
Date of publication: 30 November 2003


Sport plays today an eminent role in man's life and in societies. Various sciences have made it the subject-matter of their reflection, i.e. psychology, sociology, the natural and humanistic sciences, art, philosophy, and theology. The present work seeks to answer some fundamental questions connected with the phenomenon of sport: what is it for man (part one)? whether and when does it serve the social integration of a community (part two)? what are the premises and principles of the ethics of sportive activity (part three)? what is the aesthetic dimension of sport (part four)? what are the relations between sport and religious faith (part five)? The philosophical profile is dominant in the book, taking into consideration various aspects of sport: anthropological, social, axiological, and theological.

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