Stanisław ZiemiańskiCorresponding author

Ontological Fundaments of the Responsibility for Human Actions

4 – 1999, pages 91-105
Date of online publication: 30 November 2020
Date of publication: 30 November 1999


In this paper on the nature of the human being's responsibility for
his actions I deliberately omit the controversy surrounding the
determinism/indeterminism problem. To be sure, the free-will issue
plays a prominent and very important role in any models of human
responsibility and is the most frequently disputed issue in this
discussion, for the human being is responsible insofar as his decisions
can be said to be free. Though no less important, the interconnection
between the subject, his action and its consequences on the other hand
receives less attention, and yet - though it is no less important: the way
in which this interconnection is conceived can have weighty repercussions in practical life, and unfortunately not all approaches are
appropriate or adequate.

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