J. S.

Stanisław Janeczek. Oświecenie chrześcijańskie. Z dziejów polskiej kultury filozoficznej [The Christian Enlightenment. A study in the history of Polish philosophical culture]

2 – 1997, pages 291-295
Date of online publication: 30 November 2020
Date of publication: 30 November 1997


The subject of this study is the process of change which affected the teaching of philosophy in the secondary education system in the first phase of the Polish Enlightenment in the mid-18th century. Historians of science and philosophy have treated those changes as a spontaneous and uncritical attempt to include the problems of modem natural science seventeenth-century systems of philosophy, and ethical and social issues of the Enlightenment into the systematic exposition of Christian Aristotelianism, all despite the avowed opposition to these modes of culture. Hence the contemporary so-called 'philosophia recentiorum' has usually been regarded as a form of eclecticism, that is as a form structurally and culturally inconsistent, transitory, incomplete and dependent. Emphasis has also been laid on the impact Ch. Wolff allegedly had on the first stage of the Polish Enlightenment, the impact then replaced by English and French influences.

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