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Paweł Stanisław CzarneckiCorresponding author

Wojciech Słomski. W stronę człowieka, Wokół koncepcji filozofii Antoniego Kępińskiego [In the direction of man. About Antoni Kępiński's conception of philosophy]

[Wojciech Słomski: In the Direction of Man. About Antoni Kępiński’s Conception of Philosophy]

9 - 2004, pages 298-299
Date of online publication: 29 August 2016
Date of publication: 30 November 2004


Assuming, according to Jaspers, that the measure of truth of a philosophical system is the lifestyle of its creator as well as his ability at drawing conclusions resulting from philosophical speculation to the requirements of practical action, the question must be asked, to what extent, if at all Wojciech Słomski's book tries to recognise and name the philosophically characteristic merging of theory and practise. Despite this, it shouldn't be the superior aim of any biography, let alone the biography of a philosopher (where this kind of behaviour would force the author to take up the position of a judge for whom the reproducing of a true biography is a process coming close to producing a final verdict). However in the case of Professor Antoni Kępiński, the connection between theoretical views and real life holds meaning not only for judging the truth of these views but most of all for a correct understanding of them.

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