Roman Darowski

Józef Alojzy Dmowski SJ (1799-1879): Precursor of the Renewal of Thomism

09 - 2004, pages 241–258
Date of online publication: 15 June 2015
Date of publication: 01 November 2004


The article discusses the biography and philosophical views of Józef Alojzy Dmowski S.J., one of the most famous Christian philosophers of the 19th century and already a precursor of the renewal of Thomism, a few dozen years before the promulgation of Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Aeterni Patris (1879). Dmowski’s work was also the first extensive philosophy textbook of that time including all extant disciplines – one which was published by the Jesuits after the re-establishment of the Order in 1814. His philosophical system includes logic, metaphysics, natural theology, psychology, cosmology and moral philosophy.


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Darowski, Roman. Józef Alojzy Dmowski SJ (1799-1879): Precursor of the Renewal of Thomism.” Forum Philosophicum 9 (2004): 241–258. doi:10.5840/forphil2004929.