Franciszek BargiełCorresponding author

Ordinatio pro studiis superioribus u jezuitów w połowie XVII wieku

[Jesuit Ordinatio pro studiis superioribus in the mid-17th century]

11 - 2006, pages 249-267
Date of online publication: 15 June 2015
Date of publication: 01 November 2006


This article presents a summary of The Ordinance Concerning Higher Education (Ordinatio pro studiis superioribus) in the Society of Jesus. It was issued by the general of the Society, Francesco Piccolomini, in 1651. It contains a set of guidelines for study (mainly of a theological kind), and is closely linked to St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica. There is no differentiation between different types of topic: theological, philosophical, logical, metaphysical, physical—they are all present and mutually intertwined. There were two lists of issues: positive and negative. The latter contained topics which were banned for study and was divided into two parts: philosophical and theological. The main authority for teaching philosophy remained Aristotle.


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