Maximus the Confessor

Fedor StanjevskiyCorresponding author
Une anthropologie à la base d'une pensée religieuse: l'unité de l'homme dans la théologie de Maxime le Confesseur
Issues » 12/2 - Fall 2007 » Articles
Marcin PodbielskiCorresponding authorORCID id
The Face of the Soul, the Face of God: Maximus the Confessor and Prosōpon
Issues » 19/1 - Spring 2014 » Articles
Sotiris MitralexisCorresponding authorORCID id
Maximus the Confessor’s “Intelligible Creation”
Solving Contradictions on Imperishability and Corruptibility
Issues » 19/2 - Fall 2014 » Articles
Emma Brown DewhurstCorresponding authorORCID id
The Ontology of Virtue as Participation in Divine Love in the Works of St. Maximus the Confessor
Issues » 20/2 - Fall 2015 » Articles
Douglas A. ShepardsonCorresponding author
Maximus and Socrates on Trial
A Historic-Literary Consanguinity of Rebellion
Issues » 20/2 - Fall 2015 » Articles
Cullan JoyceCorresponding authorORCID id
Unity, Interdependence, and Multiplicity in Maximus the Confessor
An Engagement with Heidegger’s Topology
Issues » 20/2 - Fall 2015 » Articles
Ty MonroeCorresponding authorORCID id
I Know You Above All; I Know You Not
St. Maximus the Confessor on Divine and Human Knowledge and Love
Issues » 20/2 - Fall 2015 » Articles

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