15/2 - Fall 2010


The papers in the issue: Joshua Seigal, “Skeptical Theism, Moral Skepticism, and Divine Deception”; Dino Galetti, “Finding a Systematic Base for Derrida’s Work”; David J. Zehnder, “The Hermeneutical Keys to William James’s Philosophy of Religion: Protestant Impulses, Vital Belief”; Raymond Aaron Younis, “These Ultimate Springs and Principles: Science, Religion and the Limits of Reason”; Xunwu Chen, “God and Toleration”; Michael Polyard, “Philosophical Implications of Naturalizing Religion”; Janusz Salamon, “The Universal and Particular Dimensions of the Holocaust Story and the Emergence of Global Ethics”; James Conlon, “Against Ineffability”; Tereza-Brindusa Palade, “Why Thinking in Faith? A Reappraisal of Edith Stein’s View of Reason”; Teresa Obolevitch, “All-Unity according to V. Soloviev and S. Frank. A Comparative Analysis”; Karol Giedrojc, ”Die Grundlagen des Modernen Fundamentalismus”.