Tadeusz BiesagaCorresponding author

Tadeusz Ślipko. Zarys etyki ogólnej [Outline of General Ethics]

8 - 2003, pages 286-288
Date of online publication: 22 September 2016
Date of publication: 30 November 2003


This is a new edition of the manual published in 1974 and 1984. Compared with those earlier editions it is revised, enlarged and more precise in its argumentation. In its beginnings the manual aimed at meeting the didactic needs to present students of the Faculty of Christian Philosophy at the ATK (Academy of Catholic Theology in Warsaw) a complete handling of Christian ethics. The author, who wrote his manual in difficult times of communist ideology, decided to include in one work, besides a positive exposition of Christian ethics, a critical discussion with other ethical systems as well as his own explicit theory on Augustinian and Thomistic ethics, which he endeavoured to develop. Thus the work interlocked the didactic objectives and the process of growth and justification of the Author's views (R. Darowski SJ, Filozofia Jezuitów w Polsce w XX wieku (Jesuits' Philosophy in Poland in the 20th century), Krakow 2001, p. 308).

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