Jan RegnerCorresponding author

Mind in the World
A Brief Introduction to Searle's Concept of Intentionality

7 – 2002, pages 193-204
Date of online publication: 30 November 2020
Date of publication: 30 November 2002


As the title of my article can indicate, the primary aim of this „brief introduction" is to present the concept of intentionality of one of the world's leading philosophers - John R. Searle. Searle is known for his severe criticism of the dominant traditions in the study of mind, both
materialist and dualist, and we may also recall his familiar argument called „the Chinese Room" against theories of „artificial intelligence". The concept of intentionality was founded when philosophers
attempted to describe and solve the philosophical problem of specific „quasi-relations" between consciousness and objects and the direction of
our mind or language to the real world. I am referring to situations in which we say for instance: „A thinks about p", "B maintains that g", „X asks question if y" and so on.

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