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Piotr Lenartowicz. Elementy teorii poznania - szkice wykładów

4 – 1999, pages 279-281
Date of online publication: 30 November 2020
Date of publication: 30 November 1999


Elements... is a collection of seventeen, rather informal talks closely dependent on the aristotelian and thomist metaphysical setting. The author explicitly disregards a historical approach to the subject and in an essentially systematic way tries to argue in favor of a metaphysically pluralist and epistemologically optimist - realist solution. These two options constitute, therefore, the specific limits of the textbook

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Bremer, Józef. "Piotr Lenartowicz. Elementy teorii poznania – szkice wykładów." Forum Philosophicum 4 (1999): 279–81. doi:10.35765/forphil.1999.0401.14.