Piotr LenartowiczCorresponding author

The Body-Mind Dichotomy a Problem or Artifact

1 – 1996, pages 9-42
Date of online publication: 15 October 2020
Date of publication: 31 October 1996


The principles of the physical patterns of self-organization are numerous, different upon various levels of the scale of complexity (subatomic, molecular, geological, astrophysical). The integrated pattern of the changes going on in a living body indicates an integrated nature of its principle - whatever it might happen to be. Aristotle called this kind of principle „psycho", H . Driesch called it „entelecheia", sociobiolo- gists believe that D N A is the right name for it. The fundamental problem consists in seeing - not just deciding a priori - if the empirical data do require - in a living organism - a single, integrating agency. If such a requirement originates in an illusion, the whole problem is fictitious. If this requirement is well founded, then we must to search for such an agent.

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