25/2 – Fall 2020


A variety of subjects are raised in the articles published in the Autumn 2020 issue of Forum Philosophicum. Daniel Spencer offers a philosophical reflection on evolution and theodicy, Alex R Gillham continues his investigation (started in the previous issue, Spring 2020) on the idea of unpopulated hell. Marcus Hunt examines the rational basis for believing in demons. Anna Bogatyńska-Kucharska presents the analysis of the doctrine of double effect comparing Aquinas and J. Boyle. Richard Oyelakin investigates the impact of neuroscientists to the philosophical problem of consciousness. Per Bjønar Grande offers a very original insight into a philosophy of Girard and his optimism. Cezary Zalewski offers an investifation on Aristotle's "Poetics" in the light of the analysis made by Roman Ingarden. Mark K. Spencer and Francisco Plaza are both reviewing two books from the series "The Polish Christian Philosophy in 20th Century"—dedicated to Mieczysław Gogacz and Jacek Woroniecki.