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Alchemia Adama Kochańskiego SJ

[The Alchemy of Adam Kochański S.J.]

9 - 2004, pages 217-232
Date of online publication: 29 August 2016
Date of publication: 30 November 2004


The subject of this paper is the issue of alchemy in the scientific activity of Adam A. Kochanski. Polish Jesuit, Adam Kochanski S J (1631-1700) was an unusual scholar in the Polish science of the 17th century. Kochanski was an excellent mathematician, one of his greatest achievement in mathematics is the solution of the famous squaring of the circle. He published his mathematical works in "Acta Eruditorium", one of the first scientific journals in 17th century Europe. Kochanski was a professor of mathematics in Germany, Italy, Prague, Olomouc, Wroclaw and Warszawa. An interesting part Kochanski's activity is his correspondence with many scholars,
mathematicans and philosophers, for example the exchange of letters with German philosopher and mathematican Gottfried W. Leibniz.


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