18/1 - Spring 2013


The 2013 Spring issue of Forum Philosophicum opens with a paper whose author, James A. Harold, defines “the lover of peace,” as opposed to “the pacifist,” “the appeaser,” and “the warmonger,” as someone sharing in a spiritual peace that is the fruit of the grace of humility. In a subsequent article comparing Kant to Augustine, Edgar Valdez argues that Kant’s philosophy can be read as a path to a non-religious and rationally grounded faith in God. George Patios shows how Kierkegaard’s dialectics of freedom through despair becomes a metaphysics through which a human self can be grounded in God. M. Andrew Holowchak offers a synthetic account of Thomas Jefferson’s approach to religion. Yishai Cohen advances a criticism of Skeptical Theism by pointing to logical difficulties in explaining evil when even a minimalist view of divine omnipotence is adopted. Leland Harper tracks down epistemological problems in theories that consider the indeterministic sub-atomic reality the proper theoretical space for God’s activity. Igor Gasparov critically scrutinizes some contemporary Substance Dualisms inspired by the proposals of Richard Swinburne.