15/1 - Spring 2010

The papers in the issue: Roger Pouivet, “Moral and Epistemic Virtues: A Thomistic and Analytical Perspective”; Lloyd Strickland, “False Optimism? Leibniz, Evil, and the Best of all Possible Worlds”; Eric Wilson, “The Ontological Argument Revisited: A Reply to Rowe”; Angus Brook, “Heidegger’s Notion of Religion: The Limits of Being-Understanding”; James Kraft, “Conflicting Higher and Lower Order Evidences in the Epistemology of Disagreement about Religion”; Jan Konior, “Confession Rituals and the Philosophy of Forgiveness in Asian Religions and Christianity”; Christopher Caldwell, “Does “One Cannot Know” Entail “Everyone is Right?” The Relationship between Epistemic Scepticism and Relativism”; Liam Dempsey, “Comfort in Annihilation: Three Studies in Materialism and Mortality”; John Shook, “God’s Divinely Justified Knowledge is Incompatible with Human Free Will”; Maciej Manikowski, “The Unknown God and His Theophanies: Exodus and Gregory of Nyssa”; Omid Tofighian, “Beyond the Myth / Philosophy Dichotomy. Foundations for an Interdependent Perspective”; Jarosław Charchuła, “Hobbes’s Theory of State. The Structure and Function of State as the Key to its Enduring”; Paul B. Cliteur, “Religion and Violence or the Reluctance to Study this Relationship”; Tadeusz Rostworowski, “Autodeterminazione nella visione personalistica di Karol Wojtyła.”