Cullan JoyceCorresponding authorORCID id
Unity, Interdependence, and Multiplicity in Maximus the Confessor
An Engagement with Heidegger’s Topology
Issues » 20/2 - Fall 2015 » Articles
Jack Louis PappasCorresponding authorORCID id
Otherwise than Identity, or Beyond Difference
Maximus the Confessor and the Hypostatic-Transfigurement of Fundamental Ontology
Issues » 20/2 - Fall 2015 » Articles
George J. SeidelCorresponding authorORCID id
The Imagination in Kant and Fichte, and Some Reflections on Heidegger’s Interpretation  
Issues » 21/2 - Fall 2016 » Articles
Gert-Jan van der HeidenCorresponding authorORCID id
The Christian Experience of Life and the Task of Phenomenology
Heidegger on Saint Paul, Saint Augustine, and Descartes
Issues » 26/2 – Fall 2021 » Articles
Frank DarwicheCorresponding authorORCID id
Heidegger and the Thorny Issue of (Re)configuring Facticity
Issues » 26/2 – Fall 2021 » Articles
Wojciech SzczerbaCorresponding authorORCID id
There and Back Again as a Free Person 
Philosophical Shades of Freedom on the Walls of Plato’s Cave in the Thought of Heidegger and Arendt
Issues » 27/1 – Spring 2022 » Articles

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