Sartre Jean-Paul

Andreas WilmesCorresponding author
Demystifying the Negative
René Girard’s Critique of the “Humanization of Nothingness”
Issues » 24/1 – Spring 2019 » Articles
Adriana WarmbierCorresponding authorORCID id
Emotional Affectivity and the Question of Appraisal, Viewed in the Light of a Phenomenological Account of Pre-Reflective Affective Consciousness
Issues » 27/2 – Fall 2022 » Articles
Magdalena KozakCorresponding authorORCID id
Le rôle de la honte dans la formation de la subjectivité humaine chez Jean‐Paul Sartre et Emmanuel Lévinas
Issues » 27/2 – Fall 2022 » Articles
Ruud WeltenCorresponding authorORCID id
“Man is always a Sorcerer to Man.”
Sartre and Leiris on the Magic of the Social
Issues » 28/2 – Fall 2023 » Articles

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