Paul Kabay

Nonetheism: A Non-atheistic Account of a Non-existent God

20/1 - Spring 2015, pages 7-28
Date of online publication: 07 January 2016
Date of publication: 07 January 2016


I briefly defend a view I call nonetheism: the claim that God is a non- existent item. I develop a defense that might be acceptable to a theist, but I also note that arguments for atheism would also support this claim. As such, nonetheism is a form of theism that is actually supported by the case for atheism. I begin by showing that it is possible for there to be a non-existent object—that such an idea is coherent. I then argue that a non-existent item is actual and follow this with a defense of the coherency of claiming that God is a non-existent object. The paper concludes by demonstrating that the doctrine of creatio ex nihilo entails the non-existence of God and so any evidence in support of creation from nothing is evidence in support of nonetheism.


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Kabay, Paul. “Nonetheism: A Non-atheistic Account of a Non-existent God.” Forum Philosophicum 20, no. 1 (2015): 7–28. doi:10.35765/forphil.2015.2001.02.


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