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Hume on Miracles
The Issue of Question-begging

17/1 - Spring 2012, pages 49-71
Date of online publication: 04 June 2012
Date of publication: 04 June 2012


Hume’s chapter “Of Miracles” has been widely discussed, and one issue is that Hume seems to simply beg the question. Hume has a strong but implicit naturalist bias when he argues against the existence of reliable testimony for miracles. In this article, I explain that Hume begs the question, despite what he says about the possibility of miracles occurring. The main point is that he never describes a violation of the laws of nature that could not be explained by scientific theories.


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Schmitt, Yann. “Hume on Miracles: The Issue of Question-begging.” Forum Philosophicum 17, no. 1 (2012): 49–71. doi:10.35765/forphil.2012.1701.03.

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