Stanisław ObirekCorresponding authorORCID id

Andrzej Walicki. Polskie zmagania z wolnością [Polish Troubles in Freedom]

6 – 2001, pages 258-259
Date of online publication: 30 November 2020
Date of publication: 30 November 2001


Profesor Andrzej Walicki, born in 1930, is a historian of philosophy and social thought connected with the so called „Warsaw School of the History of Ideas" prevalent during the 1960s. His field of specialization is the history of Russian and Polish thought and also that of Marxist philosophy. Until 1981, he was professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology PAN (Polish Academy of Science). During the time of martial law, Walicki was in Australia as a visiting professor of the Australian National University of Canberra. In 1986, he started working at the University of Notre Dame in the USA as chief of the chair of the history of ideas, where he continued to work until 1999, the vear of his retirement.

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