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Barbara Markiewicz. ed. "Między Mitem a Logosem, Europejski podręcznik filozofii" [Between the Myth and the Logos. The European Textbook of Philosophy]

6 – 2001, pages 243-246
Date of online publication: 30 November 2020
Date of publication: 30 November 2001


There is a difficulty in distinguishing the cultural heritage of Europe from the cultures deriving from the European tradition. They do not want to be regarded as the provinces under the European domination. This is not the only problem which emerges when we describe European civilization as a product of Greek and Christian traditions. The authors of the textbook entitled Between the Myth and the Logos were confronted
with much greater difficulty, namely, with the need of defining what in the European philosophy and culture makes a whole, and what stays apart from this unity and determines the unique character of the
currents of thought specific for different European regions and countries. It was essential therefore to select philosophers and their works in such a way, that the choice might reflect the unity of European
philosophy and, at the same time, save the differences existing between philosophers and between methods of philosophy conditioned, to a certain extent, by the economical, political and cultural specificity
of the European countries.

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