Artur RybowiczCorresponding author

Stanisław Kowalczyk. Filozofia kultury. Próba personalistycznego ujęcia problematyki [A Philosophy of Culture. The Inspirations of Personalism]

2 – 1997, pages 265-268
Date of online publication: 30 November 2020
Date of publication: 30 November 1997


As the title suggests, the book is an attempt to analyse and interpret the phenomenon of culture from the perspective of personalism. The tools chosen by the author for an interpretation of culture are the principles of the Christian anthropology and ontology. The main thesis of the book is that culture is an essentially personal phenomenon, to the point that it well may define what it means to be human person. The ability to create, to transform a basic elements, a row matter into an expression of our inner personal existence, our feelings, reason and most of all of our personal intentions and values is an exclusively human characteristic, and there is no other similar in the world of living beings. Culture, art and civilization are an important expressions of our human existence, and of our freedom as the only creatures, which transcend determinism of Nature and natural processes. As the author writes, culture is a faithful companion of our human history. It appeared with us, and is the inseparable attribute of our life. We are ontologically joined with the phenomenon of culture, so that a mystery of our existence is in some sense a mystery of our internal and external culture, and our value, as a concrete human individuals or as a society is a consequence of the quality of our culture.

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