Kazimierz PuchowskiCorresponding author

Roman Darowski. Filozofia w szkołach jezuickich w Polsce w XVI wieku [Philosophy in Jesuit Schools in Poland in the 16th Century]

2 – 1997, pages 284-288
Date of online publication: 30 November 2020
Date of publication: 30 November 1997


Scholarly dissertations dealing with the Jesuit educational system in Poland would more frequently emphasize the aspects of its decline rather than those of its prosperity. More recent research, however, based on numerous sources, enables one to see this system in a new, more objective light as well as giving an unbiased picture of the situation. Written by Roman Darowski SJ (professor at the Philosophical Faculty of the Society of Jesus in Kraköw), eminent specialist in scholastic philosophy, it is the first work to be devoted to the philosophy of Polish Jesuits, which was inseparable from their scholarly and didactic activities. It spans the last three decades of the sixteenth century and a few years of the seventeenth century, i.e. the beginning of the activity of the Societas Jesu in this country.

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