Sebastian Tomasz KołodziejczykCorresponding authorORCID id

Theory of Transcendentals and the Basic Furniture of Mind Hypothesis

10 - 2005, pages 57-74
Date of online publication: 03 August 2016
Date of publication: 30 November 2005


This paper is devoted to one of the most intriguing theory that was invented by medieval theologians and philosophers in order to explain the nature of God. I am not personally keen on the theological dimension of this idea, I would rather like to focus on its promising philosophical usefulness and its explanatory power. For the very long time I was hesitating what aspect of this theory to choose as the most interesting and most illuminating. I eventually made a decision that there is still a very important and unsolved problem with 'pure experience' that has nothing to do with any concepts and theories; that is totally direct and devoid of any mediating factors. It seems to be very interesting to shed a little bit of light on it and combine it with what is at first sight such an old-fashioned theory as the theory of transcendental. My paper is divided into three sections. In the first of them will consider some difficulties connected with the problem of pure experience. In the second part the theory of transcendentals is outlined. The third section contains the application of the theory of transcendental to the problem of pure experience. 


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Kołodziejczyk, Sebastian Tomasz . “Theory of Transcendentals and the Basic Furniture of Mind Hypothesis.” Forum Philosophicum 10 (2005): 57–74. doi: 10.35765/forphil.2005.1001.5.