Sebastian Tomasz Kołodziejczyk

Theory of Transcendentals and the Basic Furniture of Mind Hypothesis

10 - 2005, pages 57–74
Date of online publication: 15 June 2015
Date of publication: 01 November 2005


In this article the author explores the issue of the use of the medieval theory of transcendentals, according to which these shed light on the relationship between the world and God, in order to highlight the problem of direct perception. The article consists of three parts. In the first, the author considers Robert Hudson’s arguments for the thesis of the existence of direct perception. In the second, he performs a reconstruction and a preliminary application of the medieval theory of transcendentals. In the third, he puts forward a hypothesis according to which there is something that can be called the “basic furniture of the mind” – something which, in a manner devoid of all specific content, determines the experience of reality by the human mind. Transcendentals are treated here as offering a proposed interpretation of this furniture.


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Kołodziejczyk, Sebastian Tomasz . Theory of Transcendentals and the Basic Furniture of Mind Hypothesis.” Forum Philosophicum 10 (2005): 57–74. doi: 10.5840/forphil2005109.