12/1 - Spring 2007


The papers in the issue: John Vattanky, “Proof for the Existence of God in Classical Indian Philosophy”; Miłosz Pawłowski, “Traversing the Infinite and Proving the Existence of God”; Dariusz Łukasiewicz, “Logical and Metaphysical Assumptions of Bernard Bolzano's Theodicy”; Alexander J.B. Hampton, “The Conquest of Mythos by Logos: Countering Religion without Faith in Irenaeus, Coleridge and Gadamer”; Anna Abram, “The Philosophy of Moral Development”; Piotr K. Szałek, “The Notion of Conceptualized Experience in John McDowell's”; Jakob Zigouras, “Spinoza and the Possibility of Error”; Marek Rosiak, “Existential Analysis in Roman Ingarden's Ontology”; Piotr Janik, “Transcendent Action in the Light of C.S. Peirce's Architectonic System”; Janusz Sytnik-Czetwertyński, “The Philosophical Foundations of the Kinematic Atomism of Ruder Josip Boscovich”; Grzegorz Hołub, “Personhood in Bioethics”; Plamen Damianov, “The Accumulation of Change Depending on the Time Factor”.