Fedor StanjevskiyCorresponding author and Fedor Stanzhevskiy

Towards a Hermeneutics of Religion(s).
A Reading of Ricoeur's Readings

13/2 - Fall 2008, pages 197-215
Date of online publication: 15 November 2008
Date of publication: 01 November 2008


The objective of this article is to present and analyze some theses advanced in “Lectures 3” by Paul Ricoeur. The book is devoted to the boundaries of philosophy, to non-philosophical sources of philosophy and finally to the other par excellence of philosophy—to religion. The book is composed of a series of essays divided thematically into three parts. The first part deals with Kant's and Hegel's philosophy of religion. Then in the course of the book the author gradually moves away from the philosophical logos (the second part deals with prophets, the problem of evil, the tragic etc) to arrive at a point where recourse to the exegesis of the Bible becomes for him indispensable.


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Stanzhevskiy, Fedor. “Towards a Hermeneutics of Religion(s): A Reading of Ricoeur's Readings.” Forum Philosophicum 13, no. 2 (2008): 193–211. doi:10.35765/forphil.2008.1302.17.


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