16/1 - Spring 2011
Truth, Reality, and Religion: New Perspectives in Metaphysics


Papers in this special issue, dedicated to contemporary philosophy of Jesuits: Heinrich Watzka, “A New Realistic Spirit: The Analytical and the Existential Approaches to Ontology”; Paul Gilbert, “Voilà pourquoi je ne suis pas ‘ontologue’ ”; Paul Favraux, “La pertinence de l’ontologie pour la théologie”; Eric Charmetant, “Contemporary Naturalism and Human Ontology: Towards a Different Essentialism”; Józef Bremer, “Aristotle on Touch”; Terrance Walsh, “Bonum est causa mali: A Problem and an Opportunity for Metaphysics in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas and Hegel”; Anthony J. Carroll, “Disenchantment, Rationality and the Modernity of Max Weber”; George Karuvelil, “Religious Experience: Reframing the Question”; Louis Caruana, “Universal Claims.”