philosophy of religion

Robert Grzywacz
Joanna Barcik, ed.: Od filozofii refleksji do hermeneutyki. Francuska filozofia religii [De la philosophie reflexive à l'herméneutique. Philosophie française de la religion]
Issues13/1 - Spring 2008 > Book Reviews
Fedor Stanzhevskiy
Towards a Hermeneutics of Religion(s).
A Reading of Ricoeur's Readings
Issues13/2 - Fall 2008 > Articles
Saladdin Ahmed
What is Sufism?
Issues13/2 - Fall 2008 > Articles
Angus Brook
Heidegger’s Notion of Religion: The Limits of Being-Understanding
Issues15/1 - Spring 2010 > Articles
James Kraft
Conflicting Higher and Lower Order Evidences in the Epistemology of Disagreement about Religion
Issues15/1 - Spring 2010 > Articles
John Shook
God’s Divinely Justified Knowledge is Incompatible with Human Free Will
Issues15/1 - Spring 2010 > Articles
Maciej Manikowski
The Unknown God and His Theophanies: Exodus and Gregory of Nyssa
Issues15/1 - Spring 2010 > Articles
Vincent Hope
Madhuri Santanam Sondhi: Intercivilizational Dialogue on Peace
Issues15/1 - Spring 2010 > Book Reviews
Fedor Stanzhevskiy
Philosophy of Religion. An Almanac. Volumes 1 and 2
Issues15/2 - Fall 2010 > Book Reviews & Notices
Mark Manolopoulos
Today’s Truly Philosophical Philosopher of Religion
Issues16/2 - Fall 2011 > Articles
Janusz Salamon
John Hick’s Philosophy of Religious Pluralism – A Critical Examination
Issues08 - 2003 > Articles
Jérôme de Gramont
Paul Ricœur et le destin de la phénoménologie
Issues22/2 - Fall 2017 > Articles

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