Jolanta Koszteyn

Biomolecular Perfection and the „Common Descent“

10 - 2005, pages 89-112
Date of online publication: 15 June 2015
Date of publication: 01 November 2005


In this article, the evolutionary concept of “common descent” is subjected to criticism from the perspective of knowledge concerning the subcellular etiology of similarities existing between various forms of life. These similarities (1) reveal an unimaginable level of selectivity and accuracy, and (2) are only fragments of the undivided dynamics of an individual (life cycle). The single life cycle of even the simplest living cell requires a theory that would explain the perfection of biosynthetic dynamics (in the article the example given of the latter is the so-called “ATP synthase”). Until such a theory is formulated, there is no sense in shifting the burden of explanation onto previous life cycles – let alone onto “common descent”.


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Koszteyn, Jolanta. Biomolecular Perfection and the Common Descent.” Forum Philosophicum 10 (2005): 89–112. doi:10.5840/forphil20051013.