14/1 - Spring 2009

The papers in the issue: Sanford S. Levy, “Philippa Foot’s Theory of Natural Goodness”; Catherine Cowley, “Philia and Social Ethics”; Jonathan Bowman, “Extending Habermas and Ratzinger’s Dialectics of Secularization: Eastern Discursive Influences on Faith and Reason in a Postsecular Age”; Jan Konior, “The Interplay of Philosophy and Religion in the Chinese Culture”; Thomas Storck, “Culture and the Embodiment of Cultural Ideals as Preliminary to a Philosophy of Culture”; Petr Dvořák, “The Relational Logic of Franciscus Toletus and Petrus Fonesca”; Mark Sultana, “How Does the AkratêsIntentionally Do What He Intended Not to without Changing His Mind?”; Piotr Stanisław Mazur, “The Dignity of the Person in the Context of Human Providence”; Paul Douglas Kabay, “Did God Begin to Exist ex Nihilo”; Jacek Bielas and Rafał Ambramciów, “Dimensions of Corporeality. A Metatheoretical Analysis of Antropologists’ Concern with the Human Body”; Rafał Kazimierz Wilk, “Personalistic and Utilitarian View of Marriage According to Early Wojtyła”.