Call for Papers (2/2018)
Special Issue: “Mimetic Wisdom: René Girard and the Task of Christian Philosophy”

Information note
Date of online publication: 31 March 2019

1Forum Philosophicum, an international philosophical journal, invites submissions to a Special Issue entitled “Mimetic Wisdom: René Girard and the Task of Christian Philosophy,” to be published in open-access form by the Jesuit University Ignatianum in Cracow at the end of December 2019.

2We are interested in both short papers and longer essays (up to 20,000 words) exploring, from a philosopher’s viewpoint, such subjects as:

  • the place of René Girard’s thought in philosophical traditions – especially those having a well-established status within the ambit of Christian cultural legacies and influence;

  • the import of Girard’s Mimetic Theory for various domains of philosophical reflection, in particular philosophical anthropology, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of culture, and philosophy of religion;

  • whether/how Girard’s hermeneutics of literary, biblical and philosophical texts can be applied in the context of philosophical hermeneutics;

  • the philosophical implications of the anthropo-theological dialogue between René Girard and Raymund Schwager about the task of Christianity;

  • the question of what philosopher might have to say concerning the task of Christianity in a sacrificial or post-sacrificial era;

  • conversion or apocalypse: possible scenarios for humanity.

3While most articles we publish originate from philosophical debates taking place within the context of Christianity, we are also open to explorations that locate themselves in a non-Christian or post-Christian context.

4The submission deadline for manuscripts is June 30th, 2019.