Issues Planned in 2019

Information note
Date of online publication: 27 March 2019

1Forum Philosophicum now invites submissions for issues of the journal to be published in 2019.

2Our hope is for such submissions to express, where possible, what we see as the growing interest in exploring new and emerging borderlines between philosophy and faith. Through our renewed Mission Statement, we seek to explicitly include in our journal’s focus the new problems surfacing in discussions of the relationship between rationality, the irrational and the indeterminate—not only in the proposals of post-humanists, but also in the considerations of philosophers whose work is informed by neuroscience or the hermeneutics of culture.

3We also hope that a rejuvenated team of editors, recently augmented by Dr Bogumił Strączek and Mr Jakub Pruś, will bring new energy to our work.

4We have been informed that the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education will be granting us funding, thanks to which we should be able to make all articles freely accessible to our readers. In preparation for this task, we are introducing several small improvements to our website.

Editorial Team of Forum Philosophicum, March 2019